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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Prayers for the Week

Tomorrow begins a new semester of classes for JR. But it also begins a new season of home-preschooling for our children.

In the next few weeks I hope to begin potty-training Naomi (it'll be nice to have that diaper money back in our meager pockets). I know from my experience with Gideon, that I need to have prayers on my behalf in preparation for this new milestone, or I won't have the patience to follow through with it. :)

Also, the year 2010 is a year of discipline for our family. We are adding the disicpline of daily Bible reading with the kids, daily exercise for me, and healthy eating for all of us.

The Lord is our strength through all of this.

As you know, when we were called to leave our life in Florida behind to pursue JR's degree more vigorously, we left all forms of steady income behind. We know that the Lord is and will continue to provide for us. However, looking at our finances, we are faced with the fact that the money the Lord allowed us to save up for this will run out by this summer. We are in prayer that He will guide us to the opportunities He has prepared in advance for us.

We are blessed by your prayers for us.

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